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Clever Mark Studio is formed by a group of friends who share the same idea to solve different design riddles and make all their clients’ wishes come true through recognizable quality and hard work. Since design which is widely recognized has become a part of business – we help our clients improve their business by giving them recognizable visual identity through our web design services.

We are a web design company that caters to the various facets of the business world. From logo design, web design, corporate video making, to creative needs of a business like visual 3D presentation and photography – you can trust our expertise if you want any of these things done.

Our all-inclusive web design services have helped us to rank among the best web design companies in the country. Let’s elaborate a bit on the services we offer.

Logo design is the most distinctive way of presenting clients in the market. Logo’s originality and aesthetic appearance make the first, and to some people, the most important impression about a client. Logo design demands originality, technical perfection and visual association and at the same time all these to be noticed instantly. We are familiar with all printing techniques, which enable our clients to use our logo for any kind of commercial purpose without any complications. Logo is the most recognizable part of a whole.

Web design is the present and the future of business, advertising, selling and market presentation. According to many parameters, it is in front of every other type of adverts and positioning in the world of media and advertising. Web design makes it possible for you to open doors for all your potential clients who get all the answers and demands through your web presentation. The world of web sites is constantly expanding and making a good position on web search engines (Google) enables your clients to find you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) brings you clients from all over the world, and working on SEO optimization will only make you gain more in every way. Web design and SEO cannot exist today without each other.

Corporate video includes corporate/ marketing video presentations and promo videos. Video presentation saves your time, represents in a quick and original way your business and leads your clients into a world previously unknown to them. Visual aids in marketing and business are something you cannot do without. It presents the possibilities of your products, highlight your advantages and hide your flaws, in an attractive way.

Visual 3D presentation provides design with the third dimension. Searching for a new way of presentation in tourism, building, catering, the feeling that there is something beyond photography combined with a 3d presentation make you feel that you are there where you should be. This is a real opportunity to show that you are serious about investing in your project and that you want to introduce your clients into your own world. Consumers are always after something new and this is a way to give them something new.

Photography provides the best visual contact with clients. We have always searched for the best possible quality of photography. Today it is not possible to imagine print design or web design without a good visual presentation, i.e. photography. The old Chinese proverb that the picture is worth a thousand words is truer than ever. Our photo studio and the professional equipment would be nothing without our photographers. Art has become an integral part of photography, so we have a new angle from where we see more. Photography is the most subtle sound of an eye that cannot be heard.

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